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Nonlinear optics studies the phenomena that the materials’ response to light no longer change proportionally to the intensity of light. Among the vast topics in the field, we focus on two directions:

(1) The photonic nonlinearity at the level of single photon. This type of phenomena is particularly relevant to optical quantum computation as photons can be used as qubits for carrying information. We are currently considering the realization of such nonlinearity with Rydberg atoms and other media.

(2) The nonlinear optics related to radiation pressure of light. This type of interaction can create the quantum states of a macroscopic object such as cooling a mechanical oscillator to its ground state and give rise to various classical and quantum dynamical phenomena. The other researches we are undertaking include the control of light propagation through nonlinear and other media.

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Dr. en Física, 1973, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.
Postdoctorado: University of Toronto, Canada.

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