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The Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at U. Mayor (campus Santiago), is searching for candidates who may propose research projects to the Chilean National Fund for Science and Technology (FONDECYT) with the sponsorship of U. Mayor faculty members, including:

  • Dr. Ignacio Araya ( Massive stars; Stellar winds; Stellar atmospheres
  • Dr. Andrés Gomberoff ( Theoretical Physics; Cosmology and Gravitation; Black holes; High Energy Physics
  • Dr. Bing He ( Nonlinear Quantum Optics; Nonlinear Dynamics; Quantum Simulations; Photonic Quantum Information Processing
  • Dr. Omar Jimenez ( Quantum information; Quantum communication; Quantum coherence
  • Dr. Luis Martínez ( Photonics; Quantum optics; Materials science
  • Dr. Ariel Norambuena ( Open quantum systems; Color centers in diamond; Phonon relaxation, Machine learning in quantum mechanics
  • Dr. Miguel Orszag ( Quantum Optics; Quantum Information; Weak Measures; Laser Physics
  • Dr. Felipe Urbina ( Statistical Mechanics; Cellular automata; Complex systems.

FONDECYT is expected to soon open its yearly call for 2- or 3-year postdoctoral grants starting April 15, 2024, and covering salary, research expenses, and a relocation allowance. Candidates should have obtained their PhD in 2020 or later, except for female applicants who have had children since that date, for whom the former is extended to an earlier date.

Given the short time available, we urge potential candidates to contact as soon as possible the faculty member closest to their research interests, sending their CV (including PhD graduation date and a list of publications) and a brief description of their research interests.

Application deadline: April 26, 2024

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For more information, please write to Dr. Ignacio Araya (

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